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Horisekai(彫世界), also known as Horishi(彫師) of the studio Sekaino Ink, is an artisan/craftsman who specialises in the genre of traditional Irezumi(more specifically; Wabori). Despite the traditional expression, Horisekai uses a modern machine rather than the Tebori(手彫り) tool.

Beginning his five-year-long journey in 2010, totaling over 400 hours, Horisekai has earned his fully complete full body suit known as 'Munewari Soushinbori(胸割り総身彫り)' in both Japan and South Korea where he took on a journey to become the artisan that he is today.

Adapting the traditional culture based on his own experience, Horisekai returned to Vancouver, BC after travelling across Europe to pioneer and launch the first Traditional Wabori(和彫り) private studio known as Sekaino Ink.


Horisekai has completed thousands of hours of work with clients from all over North America and currently, he is focusing on large-scale traditional Wabori, expressed in his understated, bold and striking style.

Greeting [2016-Present]

Dear All,​

Thank you for your kind visit.


Located in a private setting in Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada, we are a 'by appointment only' tattoo studio specializing in the genre of traditional Irezumi(more specifically; Wabori).

Taking pride in our work, the main focus has always been building trusted relationships with our clients.

This includes; as we invite you for pre-screening session prior to making mutual agreement, we kindly encourage you to make such important decision based on full confidence. Any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to ask as we are happy to answer to the best of our knowledge.


Additionally, not only do we follow up and keep in touch with our clients after completion of all works, we offer a complimentary touch up session(if ever required) to ensure the quality is maintained highly.

The equipment used at our studio are made in Western Europe which is one of the highest standards on the current market today and we also pay extra attention to hygiene and all other after care.​

Warmest Regards,

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